David LeMieux

Software Engineer


Flite Ad Platform

Web-based application for creating rich-media. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, JSP, Node, Ruby, Git

Aloha Passport

Social campaign featuring user generated content. Flash, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Amazon S3, SVN


Browser-based countdown utility. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Amazon EC2


Web widget hosting and development company. Flash, JavaScript, HTML, PHP


Things I've done in my spare time. Hammer, glue, wood, cardboard, solder.


Subtle and Sincere

Hello. I am a Senior Software Engineer for Flite, Inc. where I make and manage the code for the Design Studio and HTML5 runtime. I also make silly side projects as well as practice photo manipulation in Adobe Photoshop. I've been described as being understated. Sometimes I update my blog.


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photo by: Paul Kline - license