Flite Ad Platform

Create rich, interactive web advertising for desktop and mobile in a web-based application.

(photo from Flite Brand Assets)

A Familiar Environment

Flite Design Studio is designed to work like many other professional creative applications. Its drag-and-drop interface, undo/redo, and copy and paste functionality make you forget your are using it in a browser. The studio is built on Backbone and other JavaScript libraries as appropriate.

Flite's library of in-house and third-party components, written in JavaScript, enable ads that are made in the studio to be very interactive. I helped architect and implement the extension framework that makes this possible.

Advanced Functionality

A designers workflow does not usually start in the Flite Design Studio. Instead a creative tool like Adobe Photoshop is used to create visual assets. I worked with a JavaScript PSD library to bring Photoshop import functionality to the Design Studio. Written in coffeescript, it converts Photoshop layers in to functional ad layers.

No Coding Needed

Add rich functionality and animation to your ad without needing code.

With triggers for mouse and touch actions as well as others, customizing your ad creative is easy. Animations use CSS. Actions are interpreted on the fly in the JavaScript runtime and take advantage of promises and some special event interpretation.

Quick and Beautiful

The Design Studio lets you make great looking ads very quickly, especially when using some of our more advanced components. These components take something as simple as a tweet and turn them in to a rich-media ad in an instant. I helped implement and maintain these components.

Even More Power

Flite's Ad Platform also includes other incredible features such as asset management and version control. A component studio enables third-parties to take advantage of our in-ad framework and API to create dynamic, data-driven ad plugins. There is much more that could be said about Flite, but these are the projects I've worked on directly.

Internal Tools

The Flite engineering team has a handful of internal tools used for testing and deployment as well as enjoyment. I have also contributed to these by automating our Flash compile process (using Ruby) and iterating on our JavaScript build tools.

So Long, Farewell

Flite has closed and so has Design Studio but it still lives on in our hearts.