Aloha Passport

An award-winning social media campaign for Hawaiian Airlines, made with Tenfour Agency

An Award Winning Campaign

I worked with (the now shut down) Tenfour Agency to build this passport photo campaign based on work I had done previously.

The campaign won a 2011 WebVisionary Award in the category of Friending Social. It also received a 2011 Rosey Merit Award.

Developer Consultant

The design was done by the talented agency designers while implementation was left to me. The photo booth was built in a combination of Flash and JavaScript and the photo upload and management pieces were written in PHP and used Amazon S3 for storage. The user would take a series of pictures with his or her web camera. The code would stitch them together and add passport stamps at random rotation and placement. The combined image was uploaded and could be managed through a bespoke CMS.

Fun to use

actual contestant photos

Some of the photos were what you would expect, but there were many creative and fun photos taken by users. It is inspiring to see, in this case literally, how people interacted with this campaign.

A Successful Promotion

video by Tenfour