Personal Projects

Physical and digital creations made in my spare time.

Car Photo Booth

One year for a Halloween event I created a photo booth in the back of my car. It used a web-camera powered by Flash to capture a sequence of images. It then saved the images to the drive and a Java App would watch the drive for new images to queue them for printing.

Family Holiday Cards

A few years ago I began making digital holiday cards to send to friends and family. Each year I pick something new to try, like responsive design or canvas animation, and incorporate it in to the card.

Iketron 4000

a homemade robot costume

I made a robot costume out of cardboard and decorated it with paint and some accessories. The lights and gears are controlled with switches. The gears are made of foam so they are finger friendly.

Pinewood Champion

In January 2014 I won the first place in the local pinewood derby race, unlimited class. The car uses two small quad-copter motors in opposite rotation to lower shaking. Three batteries are sealed in the back to power.

JavaScript Canvas Experiments

I used JavaScript and Canvas to parse and manipulate images based on color matching algorithms. One experiment recursively divides the image in to quadrants and then determines if the quadrant contains enough color similarity. If so, the whole quadrant is replaced with the most common color.

I took the output and turned it in to a poster.

Dead Colors


a million