Quickly create vertical video advertisements from existing sources through simple direction and customization.

Project Lead

Velocity is one of Flite's newest products and from prototype to delivery I have been involved. After the prototype phase I took lead over the font-end engineering efforts and helped coordinate with the video service team.

Choose A Source

The Velocity Studio, a single-page app created with React, lets you pick a video you wish to convert to vertical format or upload your own. You can also pick an existing YouTube video or point to a video on the Internet.

Pick from previous videos or upload a new one.

Direct on the left, preview on the right.

Direct Your Video

After picking the start and end points of your video, you can create panning motion and jump cuts to show off just the parts of the video you want. Velocity Studio uses browserify to include some handy third-party utilities like react-rnd

Customize Creative

Add images and update text to match the video's message.

Upload images, change text, and customize the extra parts of your new vertical video to match your brand message. The preview updates in real time, just like in Flite Design Studio and can be customized based on the templates built in Design Studio by your companies designer.

Export Your Video Ad

video created with Velocity Studio

Find Out More!

Velocity is a new Flite product. Ask your account manager today!