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Used by thousands, seen by millions

At its peak WidgetNest widgets were loaded millions of times a day across hundreds, if not thousands, of websites, blogs, and social profiles. Widgets like the My Wedding Countdown were customizable and fit nicely on the side of your blog.

Developers For Hire

If you needed a widget, we'd make it for you.

WidgetNest offered its premium widget making services to some of the biggest brands and publications. We were even involved in the 2008 YouTube Presidential Debates, making candidate news feed widgets for each party candidate.

About WidgetNest

Chris, Jared, and I created WidgetNest in college as a central place to house some small web widgets we had made and to act as a front for our creative services endeavor. We had grand ambitions of startup life and making it big. Working with the likes of Google, Netscape, Conde Nast, and several other web companies gave us a lot of confidence we would succeed and in many ways we did. WidgetNest gave us a lot of experience and time to experiment and try a lot of things. Ultimately it didn't last.

Goodbye, WidgetNest

After college we couldn't keep it running, what with new jobs and priorities, so we shut it down.